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Company introduction

About us

Blatco is a Saudi company established in 2019, headquartered in Riyadh, with an objective of setting up a tire manufacturing facility with the global tire partner as a Joint venture.

As the first of it ’ s kind in the MENA, Blatco will be a regional leader in automotive manufacturing, distribution and a reliable OEM & after market partner. Our regional focus is on the changing market dynamics with a sharp eye on the goals. We incorporate innovation & R&D into all aspects of our business, in order to deliver top quality, high safety, & environment friendly products offering best value in it ’ s class.

Blatco intends to play a vital role in the contribution of Saudi GDP, job creation, export Saudi manufactured products, and technology transfer.

Our Vision

To manufacture top quality, high safety, & environment friendly products offering best value in it’s class.
BLATCO Tire is based on four management principles: “market-oriented, basic loyalty, profit-making and employee satisfaction.”
In order to improve profitability, we have continuously promoted production efficiency and securing cost competitiveness.


  • To be a Saudi Tire manufacturing company with a global outlook.
  • Our pledge is to keep the environment and sustainability as a key theme
  • Collaborate with our partners, leverage design and innovation to deliver a wide range of tires.
  • To capture 15% Tire market share in Saudi Arabia by 2026.


  • Innovation

    Innovation is at the forefront of our existence to produce cutting edge products through research & technology.
  • Passion

    Our intrinsic desire both as individual and collectively as a group is to work with zeal and enthusiasm for better today & tomorrow.
  • Commitment to our stakeholders

    To make Blatco the absolute best place to work where everyone can unlock their true potential and learn and grow.
  • Collaboration

    We have shared goals and we engage and multiply our strengths and our mutual success hinges on collaboration.

Founders’ Aspirations

  • 1
    The stakeholders have a desire to create a “National asset” - Tire manufacturing is identified as a potential strategic growth opportunity to support this initiative.
  • 2
    Invigorating Vision 2030 & bring more “Saudi nationals” in SME entrepreneurship program” by offering TSCs dealerships backed by SIDF & HRDF.
  • 3
    Lack of local manufacturing of Tires, significant local & regional market demand, & ambition to support automobile industry are the key driving factors towards prioritizing this opportunity.

Strategic objectives

  • a. To build the 1st “state of the art” Tire manufacturing factory in the region.
  • b. To design & manufacture “top quality tires” that meets the global standards.
  • c. To contribute to the “industrial eco system” by means of “technology transfer, local content development & capability building.
  • d. To be a national champion by creating jobs & local technical repository.
  • e. Promote Saudi made products in the world markets, while increasing the Saudi export share , which would significantly add to the Saudi GDP.
  • f. To be a trusted OEM partner for the regions’ automotive manufacturers by partnering with a global brand Kumho Tire.
  • g. To further enhance the trade relations between Saudi Arabia & South Korea, which would result in more foreign direct investments.

BLATCO Company

  • Address: P. O. Box 55669 HQ Riyadh, 11544, KSA
  • Tel: +966-11-400-0315
  • Fax: +966-11-203-0024
  • E-mail:
  • Web site: